Sweet Tooth getting the deluxe edition treatment

Published by Daniel Bennifer on April 24, 2015 10:25 pm

First twelve issues of Sweet Tooth getting the hardcover edition treatment this September

Vertigo and DC Comics have announced that Jeff Lemire’s unique spin on the post-apocalyptic genre Sweet Tooth will be getting the deluxe hardcover edition treatment.

To me – that’s absolutely fantastic news that’s made my day. I’ve been a big fan of Lemire’s work for some time now, and Sweet Tooth really hit me hard – on an emotional level. It was, quite outstanding, to say the least. If you’ve not read it, I couldn’t recommend it enough.

It will collect issues #1-12. As it’s supposedly a ‘deluxe edition’, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it isn’t printed on cheap, recycled-feeling paper akin to its paperback volumes. Which, I felt deserved a much superior treatment. Here’s to hoping (are you listening Vertigo?).

Sweet Tooth is Jeff Lemire’s take on the apocalypse. It follows the story of a hybrid child named Gus, who’s been raised in isolation since a pandemic hit humanity a decade earlier. After the death of his father, he’s left to fend for himself, until Jepperd, a mysterious drifter comes into the picture. Promising to help him reach ‘The Preserve,’ a refuge for human/animal hybrids, the duo set out across America, whilst braving the harsh realities of the now-devastated world.

Written and illustrated by Esiener-nominated creator Jeff Lemire, Sweet Tooth is coloured by fellow nominee Jose Villarubia. We’ll just say right now – the artwork is strikingly beautiful and complements the writing to achieve near perfection.

Jeff Lemire’s other works include The Essex County Trilogy, Trillium, The Underwater Welder and The Valiant. His latest work is the on-going series Descender, which has already been optioned by Sony. If you haven’t checked out his work already, well, then you’re missing out.

Book One of Sweet Tooth’s Deluxe Edition will be available come September 25 in the United Kingdom, in any good comic book shop.

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What’s being said...

  1. Gus (May 1, 2015 7:40 am)

    Yes! This is fantastic news. I also thought it deserved much better treatment than Vertigo gave it in paperback from. The paper quality was just pathetically poor.


    • Daniel Bennifer (May 2, 2015 12:07 am)

      Agreed wholeheartedly! This is out the day before my birthday, so I know what I’ll be picking up as a treat to myself.


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