Starz previews Episode 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead

Published by Daniel Bennifer on November 4, 2015 7:59 pm
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Episode 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead introduces Mimi Rogers as Dana DeLorenzo’s mother, but is she possessed or not? Find out this Saturday.

Starz has sent over a teaser for Ash vs. Evil Dead, previewing the second episode of the show ahead of this Saturday, when it is scheduled to air on the premium cable channel.

In the second episode, named “Bait”, Ash has a new contestant to deal with, as Special Agent Fisher begins to track him, in the wake of his exploits in episode one. Pablo has his first taste of blood in a manic showdown and a revelation will change Kelly’s life forever.

As seen in the trailer, this episode introduces us to Kelly Maxwell’s (Dana DeLorenzo) mother, as played by Mimi Rogers. It was announced back in May that the Lost in Space actress had signed on to star in at least one episode of the comedy-horror show.

Set and serving as a sequel to the 1992 film Army of Darkness, Ash vs. Evil Dead hails the return of Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell). The ageing lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter is still a housewares employee, having spent the last three decades avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead. But when destiny comes knocking on his door, he must confront his demons – both personal and literal – and become the saviour of all mankind.

The first episode, titled “El Jefe”, debuted exclusively on Stars on October 31, where it was watched by more than 400,000 people. It’s not a bad start to the series, which is penned by original filmmakers Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi and Rob Tapert. Raimi directed the debut episode.

Season one of Ash vs. Evil Dead will consist of 10 half-hour episodes, with the finale set for January, 2016. Though, it will be around a fair while longer than that, with Starz already having renewed it for a second series. In fact, they renewed it three days before it premiered. Undoubtedly, that means they have high hopes for this one.

Did you watch the debut episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead on Starz? Is it enough to keep your subscription? But more so, is it everything that you imagined it would be? Let us know in the comments below.

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