Oculus Rift to start shipping in Q1 2016

Published by Daniel Bennifer on May 8, 2015 2:08 am

Facebook-owned Oculus Rift, the upcoming Kickstarter backed Virtual Reality headset, is to start shipping in Q1 2016.

Oculus Rift, the much-anticipated Virtual Reality Headset for 3D Gaming, will start shipping in the first quarter of next year, it has been announced.

Since its campaign on Kickstarter, which soared past all expectations, raising more than $2.4 million of its required $250,000 goal, the Rift has been “shaped by gamers, backers, developers and enthusiasts around the world.”

“Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that the Oculus Rift will be shipping to consumers in Q1 2016, with pre-orders later this year” a statement from the manufacturer read.

Just a handful of the developers supporting, backing and playing an integral role in the development include John Carmack, Cliff Bleszinski and Gabe Newell.

The company and its virtual-reality device, was bought out by Facebook in March of last year for $400 million in cash, $1.6 billion in Facebook stock, and an additional $300 million on the condition that Oculus met certain financial targets.

Despite the excitement around the device and its potential to deliver a decent virtual reality experience, many backers demanded a refund after the news of the sale to Facebook broke.

The details on the official hardware, software, input and many ‘unannounced’ made-for-VR games and experiences are to be revealed ‘in the weeks ahead.’

Though, we know that it’ll build upon the ‘presence, immersion, and comfort of the Crescent Bay prototype,’ with an improved tracking system that supports both seated and standing experiences. In addition to a ‘highly refined industrial design, and updated ergonomics for a more natural fit.’

There’s much hype surrounding the device and its potential to ‘transform gaming, film, entertainment, communication, and much more.’ However, it remains to be seen as to how widespread its adoption becomes upon its launch.

The firm is promising that today’s announcement is ‘only the beginning’, with more to be revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo – or E3 – in Los Angeles, next month.

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What’s being said...

  1. Wes (May 8, 2015 11:41 am)

    I’ve heard mixed things about this, mostly related to motion sickness. How is it?

    • Daniel Bennifer (May 9, 2015 7:38 am)

      That varies from person to person. I know some who’ve tried it and instantly taken to it, whilst others have felt rather sick afterwards. The same could be said for 3D, though. It isn’t for everyone and certainly, taking breaks, can help.


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