LEGO Dimensions: Everything you need to know about Fun Packs

Published by Daniel Bennifer on September 19, 2015 3:54 pm
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Ahead of the release of LEGO Dimensions this month, we take a look at the Fun Pack add-ons coming to the game at launch and after.

As part of our series of in-depth guides for LEGO Dimensions, the forthcoming Toys-to-Life title from Warner Bros. Interactive and Traveller’s Tales, we will be taking a look at the Fun Packs.

These add-on packs for the game will, unlike Level Packs and Team Packs, include one character and a vehicle or weapon. The latter, of which, will be able to be rebuilt into a variety of additional contraptions. They will be priced at $14.99 / £14.99 (clearly, they don’t care about the conversion rate and are sticking with this price), which isn’t bad value for money.

In total, more than 35 Fun Pack expansions will be coming to the game. They will be released in waves, starting from the launch of LEGO Dimensions through the rest of the year and into the next. As we’ve mentioned, these will be launched in addition to Level Pack and Team Pack expansions – which we’ll be covering shortly.

We’d expect that the developer is already hard at work on future expansions, of which will be released after these. Then again, that undoubtedly depends on the success of the game itself. Be sure to stay tuned for news on that front.

It is worth keeping in mind that some of the information surrounding some of the Fun Pack add-ons is a little light, as of the moment, but what we do know, is included in this list. We will endeavour to maintain it, as further details are released.

So, without further ado, let’s check them out. Read on below and be sure to click images for a larger preview of the content of each pack.

LEGO Dimensions - Back to the Future Doc Brown and Travelling Time Train Minifigures - Fun PackLEGO Dimensions – Back to the Future Fun Pack

Great scott! That’s right, the beloved Back to the Future trilogy will be featured within LEGO Dimensions. One things for sure – you won’t need roads where you’re going, because a Time Travelling Train is included alongside Doc Brown. Even better, Christopher Lloyd will be returning to reprise his role, as previously announced.

The Back to the Future Fun Pack for LEGO Dimensions will be available post-launch, next year, on January 26, 2016 it has been confirmed. So, there’s still a little wait on this one, folks.

LEGO Dimensions - Chima Cragger and Swamp Skimmer Minifigures - Fun PackLEGO Dimensions – Chima Cragger Fun Pack

The LEGO Chima franchise is wildly popular, so it’s not a surprise to see it being included within LEGO Dimensions. This Fun Pack will include Craggier and a Swamp Skimmer minifigure.

Cragger will have a number of abilities including Super Strength and Dive, which will assist players in cracking puzzles and overpowering enemies. By rebuilding the Swamp Skimmer, they will be able to take control of Cragger’s Fire Ship and Croc Command Sub.

The Chima Cragger Fun Pack will be available at launch on September 29. So be sure to pick it up, if it’s your thing!

LEGO Dimensions - Chima Eris and Eagle Interceptor Minifigures - Fun PackLEGO Dimensions – Chima Eris Fun Pack

A second Fun Pack from the Chima franchise, this one in includes minifigures of Eris and his Eagle Interceptor. By placing the Eagle Princess onto the LEGO Dimensions Toy Pad, players will be able to active her special Super Strength, CHI, Target and Flying abilities.

The Eagle Interceptor will be able to be rebuilt into an Eagle Sky Blazer and Eagle Swoop Diver, for upgraded powers. It will be available alongside the release of LEGO Dimensions on September 29.

LEGO Dimensions - DC Comics Aquaman and Aqua Watercraft Minifigures - Fun PackLEGO Dimensions – DC Aquaman Fun Pack

Part of the DC Comics range of Fun Packs for LEGO Dimensions. This will include an Aquaman and Aqua Watercraft minifigure. There’s little details on what Aquaman’s abilities in the game will be, as of yet and similarly, there’s no information on what the submarine will be able to be rebuilt into.

Not that surprising, considering it won’t be available for LEGO Dimensions until March 31, 2016 – as confirmed by Warner Bros.

Did you think that was it? Certainly not! Head on to the next page below, to continue reading. There’s plenty more to see still. Up next are Fun Packs from DC Comics and Doctor Who. You won’t want to miss them.

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